Teachmeet 2016 Resources

Ideas for Translation from Bella Bennett

Almodovar Snakes and Ladders Game from Heather Duckworth

AQAAS French assessment 4 learning marking sheet – template peer assessment 2016 from Vicky Hargreaves

AS peer assessment speaking grid from Katie Unwin

Associative Network from Jonathan Robinson

Basic Greetings speaking cards from Elena Piazza

Building Vocabulary from Jonathan Robinson

choisir un hotel en France from Christine Schell

dominoes starter smoking from Katie Unwin

Etre Detective from Anne Ribton

Fortune teller template and text from Clare Magee

French at a glance from Alison Ough

future tense domino game from Katie Unwin

Future Tense from David Wiliams

German video linked reading comprehension from Katharine Wheatley

lesson 10- learning grid from Tracy Southwell

Normalement le dimanche picture prompts from Katie Unwin

Normalement le samedi picture prompt from Katie Unwin

Preparing for the photo task GCSE from St Margarets MFL dept

Say the Sound from Alison Ough

School Rules from Bella Bennett

Simpsons Graphs from Stef Grzesiczek

Starter idea from James Giffen

Student Engagement – Use of games from Catherine Phillips

Synonym Activity from Louis Gearing

Targets example from Katie Unwin

Trouvez les diff+®rences from Caroline Michel

Weather using 3 tenses speaking resource from George Tsounias

xtreme reading from Barbara Terziyski

xtreme reading text from Barbara Terziyski

Year 8 German Vocab from Christine Schell

Year 8 Targets from Katie Unwin

You say we pay aller avoir etre from Dot Buckley

Thanks to everyone who brought along resources to share!