I have been a Head of MFL since 2002, firstly at Hemel Hempstead School and, since 2010, at Beaumont School.  I teach German to A level, French at Key Stage 3/4 and Spanish in Year 7.  During my career, I have done many years as a GCSE examiner and have delivered INSET for Hertfordshire LEA.  I am an Alban Leader of Education.

Like any head of department, sharing great practice and helping colleagues to develop are very important to me.  I am also a great advocate of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and one way to achieve this is to take advantage of other people’s good ideas.  Hopefully, this site will enable you to do that!


I have started using Google Adsense on this account to help me fund costs for hosting and licensing. Clearly no requirements to click on any links but if there is something you are interested in please go ahead and it will help me with the running costs of this website.

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