No prep paper game


This game requires nothing but scrap paper and some imagination. Give the students pieces of scrap paper on which they must write target language words from the following … [Read more...]

Graphic Grammar


Having taught my class prepositions and marked their work, I drew a little picture in each student's book of a cartoon animal with the question "Where is the ...?"  This formed the starter for the … [Read more...]

Speaking support

close book

My students like to have notes when they are doing speaking work.  In order to wean them off their notes, I have done a variation of speed dating speaking where they practise the questions with … [Read more...]

Reading Race


I found an old "Thinking Skills" folder which had an activity where students had to use the information from a text to label a diagram of a house.  I gave each group a diagram and stuck some copies of … [Read more...]

Silent Spelling


This is a quick little game which I was taught on a Brownie leaders' training course!  It works well for Year 11 students as they tend to know each other well and are quite comfortable with each … [Read more...]