Talk of the town


To make the topic of town a bit more interesting, I challenged students to make an advert for tourists to come to a town or country.  This would give them a creative opportunity to use all those "on … [Read more...]

Timed Translations

With the translation aspect of the new GCSE, I am weaning students off dictionaries!  Now, with Year 11, I give them a certain amount of time (maybe the Countdown 30 seconds if it's just a sentence) … [Read more...]

Fashion Show

This is one I have been doing for 20 years and it's always fun.  I get the students to prepare a little fashion show to practise adjectival endings.  There is a great interactive activity on the … [Read more...]

Speaking support

close book

My students like to have notes when they are doing speaking work.  In order to wean them off their notes, I have done a variation of speed dating speaking where they practise the questions with … [Read more...]



I read an interesting article in Teach Secondary magazine by Alison Davies which reminded me of the usefulness of storyboards.  These can be used to demonstrate comprehension of a story and give … [Read more...]