Freeze frames


My students love the opportunity to use drama in their lessons.  Freeze frames are simple: they design a tableau to represent each word/phrase on a vocabulary list.  As you randomly call these out, … [Read more...]

Listening with pictures


One of the problems I have with listening exercises, is that the students often react to them as if they are a test. I want students to engage with listening tasks as an integral part of language … [Read more...]

Revision: a trivial pursuit?


Following the success of MFL Jenga, I was on the look out for another game which I could use for revision purposes. During a clear out at home, we discovered an old edition of Trivial Pursuit with … [Read more...]

MFL Jenga


This is one of the reasons I love Twitter!I had seen pictures on Twitter of people using Jenga in Languages lessons and thought it would be a fun thing to do. Having raided the toy cupboard at home … [Read more...]

Grammar Poems


This was an idea to get the students thinking about nouns, verbs and adjectives.  I also thought it would give them a sense of achievement to write a poem in German.  The first step was to write a … [Read more...]