Human Bingo


This is a re-brand of an idea that I have been using for years for speaking activities, namely "Find a person who..."  Concept is simple: students have a grid with a series of statements.  They must … [Read more...]



  Observing a colleague's Year 12 lesson, I loved the way she used the game Articulate! as a speaking warm up to get the students familiar with a set of vocabulary.  Having recently introduced … [Read more...]



This is a fun way to practise the past tense which needs no preparation.  All you need is a stack of scrap paper (so perfect for those days when you've had a room change into a Science lab).  Tell the … [Read more...]

The Alphabet Game


Either give each student/pair/group a sheet with the alphabet on, or write the alphabet on the board. Students must come up with a topic related word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. A very … [Read more...]

Phonics Practice


It's so important to keep practising phonics, so here's a little idea for a starter.  Give each student a card with a word (use my German examples: phonic group find) and they must find the other … [Read more...]