Let’s write on the tables!


It's an activity we have all done: brainstorming vocabulary on a new topic.  However, why not get them to write directly onto the tables, rather than using sugar paper or all crowding round the board? … [Read more...]

Index cards


In my ongoing attempt to make preparing for speaking assessments less stressful, I made students prepare four questions a lesson using index cards.  They did this for three lessons, so ending up with … [Read more...]

Fortune Teller Fun


At our 2016 Teachmeet, I found this great resource in the resource sharing area.  I had seen colleagues use these before but I always struggled with making them myself.  This Fortune teller template … [Read more...]

Teachmeet 2016 Resources

Ideas for Translation from Bella Bennett Almodovar Snakes and Ladders Game from Heather Duckworth AQAAS French assessment 4 learning marking sheet - template peer assessment 2016 from Vicky … [Read more...]

Staff Reading Challenge


In preparation for European Day of Languages in September, I have enlisted the support of my school librarian to run a summer reading challenge for staff.  We are going to offer staff a selection of … [Read more...]