Graphic Grammar


Having taught my class prepositions and marked their work, I drew a little picture in each student's book of a cartoon animal with the question "Where is the ...?"  This formed the starter for the … [Read more...]

Speaking support

close book

My students like to have notes when they are doing speaking work.  In order to wean them off their notes, I have done a variation of speed dating speaking where they practise the questions with … [Read more...]

Reading Race


I found an old "Thinking Skills" folder which had an activity where students had to use the information from a text to label a diagram of a house.  I gave each group a diagram and stuck some copies of … [Read more...]

Silent Spelling


This is a quick little game which I was taught on a Brownie leaders' training course!  It works well for Year 11 students as they tend to know each other well and are quite comfortable with each … [Read more...]



I read an interesting article in Teach Secondary magazine by Alison Davies which reminded me of the usefulness of storyboards.  These can be used to demonstrate comprehension of a story and give … [Read more...]