Talk of the town


To make the topic of town a bit more interesting, I challenged students to make an advert for tourists to come to a town or country.  This would give them a creative opportunity to use all those "on … [Read more...]

Tune in Tuesday

What do you think about revision sessions?  My poor Year 11 students seem inundated with them and I am not sure how useful they are.  Nevertheless, my students are off to sessions most lunchtimes and … [Read more...]

Valuing vocabulary

Vocab tests: we all do them, but how can we make this a more meaningful exercise than scribbling down spellings on a scrap of paper? I experimented with Google Forms but found that this was just an … [Read more...]


I love using Quizlet!  Here's why: easy to find/edit ready-made lists students can make lists for the rest of the class Quizlet Live!  is lots of fun but also makes students think you can … [Read more...]

Timed Translations

With the translation aspect of the new GCSE, I am weaning students off dictionaries!  Now, with Year 11, I give them a certain amount of time (maybe the Countdown 30 seconds if it's just a sentence) … [Read more...]